monogram-press1EYECORNER PRESS is an independent academic publishing house started in 2007 as a collaboration between the universities of Roskilde and Aalborg in Denmark, Oulu in Finland, and Gainesville, Georgia, USA. ECP has been indexed onto the Danish Bibliometrical Research Indicator Authority list.

ECP focuses on promoting academic writing with an edge. We are dedicated to the individual voice, both from inside and outside the academe.

ECP gives priority to works that engage with rigorous thinking, but which are yet informed by a creative style and irreverent approaches to literature, culture, philosophy, and visual art. The areas of interest are Anglo-American, Romance, and Germanic literature and culture.

THE GENRES represented are academic interdisciplinary writing, criticism, creative writing criticism, folklore and spiritual and occult practices, poetry, aphorisms, fragments, and other borderline manifestations. Any fiction manuscripts honor Raymond Federman’s precepts for the writing of critifiction, the conflation of criticism with fiction.

ALL MANUSCRIPTS undergo peer review. Written peer-reviews/reports are carried out by external members of our editorial panel prior to publication. Readers include academics from both sides of the Atlantic.

THE PRESS publishes works in English, Danish, French, Romanian, and bilingual editions.


“The term critifiction is used because the discourse that follows is critical as well as fictitious; imagination is used in the sense that it is essential in the formulation of a discourse; plagiarism [read play-giarism] because the writing of a discourse always implies bringing together pieces of other discourses; an unfinished endless discourse because what is presented here is open at both ends, and as such more could be added endlessly.” (RAYMOND FEDERMAN, Critifiction, 1993: 49)

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